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I pretty much failed my third year running my “Project December” thang. I honestly probably started it because I didn’t want to start studying for finals my freshmen year.  Anywho, it’s the first of tha month and I’m most certain that in 20 days shit is going to be tough with school, rotc, and twerk, but I’m Alysa mofckin Caoile (creds to Jiezl) and I shall attempt to be a bauss even when I will probably want to cry. Happy New Year to all and to all a good night.

Day Ate

As of late

I have had two major panic attacks.

One involved work as a matter of fact.

I clocked in 2 hours past my starting time

Before I knew it there was a long line.

I felt so unprepared, I wished I wasn’t there

The thought of my manager’s reaction made me swear.

When 12 o’clock hit and my boss walked through the door

She screamed why in the world did I hire you for?!wore


She didn’t seem upset there wasn’t a hint of dislike

We went on with the day and everything turned out alright.

As for tonight

I’m in a bit of a pickle

my shot record isn’t complete and I should’ve done them when they didn’t cost a nickel

I have a meeting tomorrow

But I feel it may end up in sorrow

So many opportunities to complete this task

When all I had to do was ask.

Attention to detail is the lesson at hand

Or you’ll feel like you’re falling when you should’ve been able to stand

It’s a really great feeling being able to gather people in one place to hang and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone has their own schedules and it’s sometimes difficult to do the many things we want to. I’ve read this somewhere, but givng someone some of your time is like giving them a piece of your life, which I totally agree. I definitely got the warm fuzzies all around tonight because of the most awesome people I can call friends :)

6 alcoholic beverages I’ve drank since I’ve turned 21:

1. Hibachi Punch
2. Mike’s Hard Lemonade
3. Chandon Champagne
4. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey
5. Islander Ipa
6. Sprite haha this doesn’t count, but haven’t had a 6th beverage

20 years and 364 days of my life have been lived. I think once people turn 21 is when they wish time would slow down? I don’t know yet, but I’ll be able to tell you in an hour and ten minutes. Maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis..or a fifth life crisis if I live to be that old. I’m pretty excited for this upcoming decade. A lot of life-changing moments are bound to pop out in between these years. I just hope I’ll be prepared to make decisions and take chances when the opportunity arises. Graduations, traveling, marriages, and babies are all on the menu, we just gotta be ready for when we order them!